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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jul 18, 2024

Welcome back to the Fashion Crimes Podcast, the best fashion friend you never knew you needed!


In this vivacious episode, we continue our series celebrating the flair and entrepreneurship of women-owned fashion businesses in Charleston, SC.


This week, Holly chats with the dynamic Kilby Bronstein from The Finicky...

Jul 11, 2024

Fashion Besties, welcome back to the Fashion Crimes Podcast! Hosted by your favorite personal stylist and the hostess with the mostess, Holly Katz!

Get ready to dive into the luxurious world of French Riviera fashion as we explore the hottest trends straight from the sun-kissed beaches of the South of France.

From bold...

Jul 4, 2024

Welcome back to the Fashion Crimes Podcast mini-series from historic and stylish Charleston! 
This week, Holly Katz - your favorite personal stylist - explores another gem from her recent trip to a delightful store on King Street called Shirtini. See more at
Specializing in a curated...

Jun 27, 2024

Fashion Besties!

What is up!?!

Welcome back to another fabulous episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast! 

Did you catch last week’s episode with Andrew Warner? He was absolutely fabulous, and his tips on posting photos were on point. #listennow

But this week - do we have a treat for you! We are diving deep into petite...

Jun 20, 2024

Welcome Back, Fashion Besties!

How’s your week been? Have you been keeping up with all our fabulous episodes?

Today, we have a very special guest returning to the show. You loved him on Episode 89, “How to Pose in Photos,” and now he’s back for more! Please welcome back Andrew Werner, the fashion...