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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Apr 11, 2024

In this over-eager installment of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, Episode 191: "Top Kaftans and Kimono Picks," Holly Katz, our cherished personal stylist and beacon for fashion-forward women over 40, invites us on a vibrant journey through the world of kaftans and kimonos. #amazeballs


Holly's adventure begins with a hilariously mandated kaftan outfit at a summer camp reunion with her girlfriends, sparking a refreshed admiration for these versatile garments. Inspired, she embarks on a mission to share her newfound favorites and styling tips, transforming our wardrobes with an infusion of fun and flair.




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Key Elements of This Episode:


1. Kaftan Inspiration:


Holly's initial spark of inspiration came from a unique requirement at a summer camp reunion: every attendee was to wear a kaftan for a themed "Mrs. Roper Night." This not only served as a nostalgic callback to Mrs. Roper’s iconic outfits from the sitcom "Three's Company" but also highlighted the timeless appeal and comfort of kaftans.


Holly shared her newfound appreciation for kaftans, which led her to seek out various styles and brands, emphasizing their suitability for women of any age, seeking to add a fun, stylish, and comfortable piece to their wardrobe.


For example, Holly was particularly taken by Isabella Rossellini’s Instagram post featuring a stunning Emilio Pucci kaftan, which represented the high-fashion potential of this garment.


Additionally, Holly interviewed a Fashion Bestie, Jennifer, a self-proclaimed kaftan and anti-pants enthusiast, to share professional insights with her listeners. Jennifer reminisced about her style influences from sitcoms of the '70s and '80s and expressed a deep connection to kaftans for their comfort and the statement-making prints reminiscent of those decades. Also, why wear pants?


This segment underlined kaftans' versatility, from loungewear to high-fashion statements, demonstrating their enduring appeal across generations.


2. Kimono Styling:


While kaftans took center stage, Holly also shared her personal venture into the world of kimonos, considering them "kaftan-adjacent." She showcased the adaptability of kimonos, which can be styled over shorts, jeans, or even as a sophisticated overlay to swimsuits.


For example, Holly mentioned her own BA&SH kimono, which she's treasured for years, illustrating how a well-chosen kimono can become a timeless piece in one's wardrobe.


She encouraged her listeners to experiment with kimonos, citing their ability to elevate any outfit with an air of sophistication and chicness. Holly’s styling tips included pairing longer kimonos with a simple tank top and jeans for a casual yet polished look or draping them over swimwear for an effortlessly elegant beachside ensemble.


3. Wardrobe Maintenance:


Holly’s lively discussion extended beyond kaftans and kimonos to address common "fashion crimes" related to wardrobe maintenance and closet organization. She shared anecdotes from her reunion weekend, where a peek into a friend’s closet revealed typical organizational mishaps, such as shoes scattered on the floor or clothes hanging inside out.


Holly offered simple yet effective solutions like investing in a shoe rack to avoid clutter and rolling jeans instead of folding them to save space and make selection easier.


She emphasized the psychological and practical benefits of an organized closet, where every piece is visible and accessible, thereby encouraging a more mindful and enjoyable dressing experience.




Kaftans and kimonos are more than just fashion statements; they are embodiments of comfort, style, and individual expression. Episode 191 not only guides us through the enchanting world of these garments but also encourages us to embrace our unique styles and make every day a fashion opportunity.


By listening and engaging with us on our podcast, you join a community where fashion is celebrated, and style education is shared freely. Let Holly's enthusiasm for kaftans and kimonos inspire you to explore these versatile pieces, making your wardrobe a testament to your personal style journey!


- Holly Katz

Personal Stylist, Podcast Host and Best-Selling Author


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