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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Mar 28, 2024

Fashion Besties!! 

As your favorite personal stylist and the best fashion friend you never knew you needed, I'm about to dish out some tough love on the fashion crimes lurking in your closet.

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Key Fashion Crimes in Your Closet That Can Hold You Back


1. Cheap Clothing: Clothes that are see-through, clingy, and look worse for wear after one wash aren’t doing you any favors. That bargain bin find might seem like a steal, but if it's showing every bump and lump, it's stealing your style instead. Opt for well-made pieces that flatter and last.
2. Shopping Backwards: When your shopping mantra is 'low price above all', you end up with a closet full of compromises, not clothes you love. Instead, focus on the perfect fit and quality that elevates your look. Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront saves you from a closet full of 'nothing to wear'. #TRUTH
3. Sale Rack Frenzy: We've all felt the thrill of the deal, but panic shopping in the sales section often leads to fashion missteps. Those items often end up unworn, with tags intact, living in the closet's shadowy corners. Break the cycle by shopping for what you need and love, not just because it's on sale. 
4. Gift Clothing Guilt: From the ill-fitting sweater from your mother-in-law to the off-trend handbag gifted by a well-meaning friend, it's time to let it go. Direct your dear ones towards what you'd truly cherish which is suggestions of things that you actually want.  
Your wardrobe should be a reflection of you, not a collection of others' tastes. #YYYAAASSS
5. Wrong-Size Wardrobe: Clothes that don’t fit, be they too loose or snug, are relics of the past or wishes for the future. They can be psychologically cumbersome, implying you might revert to a former size. Celebrate your current shape by curating a wardrobe that fits and flatters you right now. Dress for the body you have today. 
6. Ancient Attire: Even if it still fits, that decade-old dress likely doesn't reflect your current style or life. Our clothes should evolve with us, ensuring our wardrobe isn't stuck in a time warp. Regularly refresh your style to keep your look current and confident. Don't wait 10 or 15 years to shop. Then you're stuck in a style rut. 
7. Sentimental Stockpile: Letting go of past purchases can be tough, especially when they're tied to memories or a significant cost. Use the backward hanger method to see what you're actually wearing. If it hasn't seen daylight in a year, it's time for it to serve someone else's story. #DONATE


Join me next week for more style wisdom and wardrobe rehab. Until then, stay fabulous, stay stylish, and tackle that closet with confidence. Remember, you deserve the best wardrobe the universe has to offer... DON'T SETTLE and make sure your clothes bring you up, not down. 


- Holly Katz

Personal Stylist, Podcast Host and Best-Selling Author


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