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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Aug 24, 2023

Is your makeup making you look older? 

Did you know that wearing makeup that was once fashionable or using old makeup techniques might actually make you look older? #UMNO

But with a little revamp and some inside knowledge, you can learn how to look younger as each day passes, or at least look like you are aging...

Aug 18, 2023

FASHION NEWSFLASH! Holly Katz has just written a book! It's out, it's out!!! This style guide has now been published and has already jumped to #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List in Style & Clothing! #DUH


That’s right, Your Favorite Personal Stylist and Hostess with the Mostest of our wildly popular Fashion...

Aug 11, 2023

Getting the right ingredients when cooking or baking is pertinent in a successful recipe. Building an outfit is no different. When you get dressed every day, you should be wearing the correct-fitting undergarments to support your outfit. #please


Join us on this episode as Your Favorite Personal Stylist, Holly Katz,...

Aug 4, 2023

We are back this week to talk about swimsuits. And not just any suits, but Swimsuits for All! #slayallday

Shopping for swimsuits can be a stressful, vulnerable, and frustrating experience. It's doubly so when your favorite store doesn't carry a cute style in your size, or when all the ones in your size were clearly...