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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Apr 1, 2022

For us, the Red Carpet at the Oscars is the best part of this totally boring annual awards show. And despite all the fireworks of this year (ugh), as always, the celebs brought LOTS of fashion choices to talk about.

Hold onto your seat, because Nolan is back, and we are talking about our "Yeses!" and "Girl, No's" of the 2022 Oscars Red Carpet - and we are #sorrynotsorry. 

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First, it was Nolan’s birthday week. So we have to hear about all the fabulous food and drinks and places he has been in NYC. He is such a lady about town. It’s just exhausting.

Then, Holly gave him some very specific restrictions on his fashion commentary, because, well, he can go overboard. 

So, to start, Nolan loved Mindy Kaling’s Dolce and Gabbana one-shoulder dress with a yellow silk-draped sash and skirt. Her makeup was perfect!

Holly’s point of view? Girl, no. It looked like a leotard with a sarong. Not impressed. At all.

Holly’s first choice was Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Schiaparelli black gown with large gold embellishments  - which FYI – are a huge trend right now. She tells us she thinks this gown is a work of art. 

Nolan? Not so much.

Nolan’s next fav was Zendaya’s Valentino Couture white silk satin cropped shirt, silver organza skirt with all-over embroidery, designed by  @pppiccioli  and styled by  @luxurylaw. She just exudes effortless chic, and we just can’t get enough of it!

Holly’s second fav was Jessica Chastain in a Gucci in a custom tulle gown embellished with sequins and an organza ruffle-trimmed hem.  Holly loved this dress because she just looked so different than everyone else, and she was gorgeous. Duh.

Our first controversial outfit choice comes from Nolan and Amy Schumar’s Oscar de le Renta custom navy and black velvet bow gown with shattered crystal embroidery. 

While the dress says ‘red carpet,’ Nolan wished she would have put on a fucking pair of earrings.

Because "if you can have an haute couture designer make you a fucking dress, you can put some fucking earrings on it!"

(Nolan had a few strong feelings about this.)

Next, even though Holly has no idea who Sofia Carson is, she loved her a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture 21 dress.  Holly loved the Cinderella ball gown aspect, the on-trend one-shoulder, and sheer fabric. This hit all the boxes for Academy Awards, folks!

As for the men, pretty much everyone agrees that Simu Liu in a red Versace tuxedo took the cake. LOVE. HIM.

To be honest, from this point on, things sorta turn the way of Joan Rivers – and it is hilarious. Nolan is on a roll because

a.) he is hungover from his birthday, and

b.) he really knows high fashion and a lot of the celebrities just got the assignment wrong.

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