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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Join us this week as we share what we have our eyes on, a Brie Larson dress from a few seasons back and a Burberry trench coat (missing!!). We discuss how Tory Burch has become a voice for the fashion industry in Washington DC, fighting on behalf of brands to receive assistance.

What are your predictions for the holidays this year? This year, the holidays will be different, so we consider which clothing categories are suffering and succeeding. We also have some good news, now that stores are open, people are shopping! Note-some stores are appointment only. We are ecstatic to share that we have some spectacular guests coming soon on our podcast!

Look out for our upcoming episodes with Allyson Wisel and Shahad AlQaysi!

Time Stamp

●[1:38 ] TheBurberry Trench Coat tragedy

●[7:50] Holly’s birthday is coming up!

●[17:00] Holly’s husband organized his closet - he buys too many shoes!

●[18:54] Nolans next purchase -Hermes Cdc Bracelet & sneakers

●[20:52] Fashion and the pandemic

●[22:49] What people will buy this Christmas? Is it going to be a small Christmas?Is it gonna be big? Are people gonna do experiences?


Tory Burch - a voice for the fashion industry

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