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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jul 8, 2022

Okay, guess what folks? It's summer. You either love getting into a bathing suit, or you absolutely despise it. We hear you. We see you. We acknowledge you.

(And for those about to rock a bathing suit, we salute you!)

Who doesn’t have reservations about what looks good on a body this time of year?  

  • What can you get away with now that you are over 40? 
  • What styles should you NOT EVEN be thinking about? 
  • Are you mad about the styles you CANNOT wear anymore?

Well, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is here to let you know one specific thing:  You CAN get away with a lot more than you think these days. 

If you have not been bathing suit shopping in a while, the technology of a well-constructed bathing suit will be a very pleasant surprise!


Holly is here for you this week with a good old-fashion Summer Pep-Talk.  For those of us of a “certain age,” there are A TON of new bathing suit options that will have you on the beach, in the pool and feeling confident and cool!

This episode will not hurt, we promise. And to make it even more fun, be sure to follow along on Holly’s Pinterest Board to see all of the styles she will be discussing today. DO. IT. 

Bathing Suits 101

If you are a regular listener of the podcast, you will know by now that FIT is the most important place to start. Shopping for your body type is mandatory, and Holly has literally told you that 99 times. (Most recently in Episode 97!)

But just as a refresher: your body type is simply determined by where you carry most of the weight in your body. You either carry most of your weight on your top, your middle, or your bottom half.

Do not get caught up in what you think you should be wearing, what you used to be wearing, or what bathing suit you are aspiring to be wearing. Mkay? You should be grateful for all your body does for you. And to stop the negative thoughts.

Sidebar: Holly says she must take her own advice on this. She likes to practice what she preaches. So, she is not over here trying to pump you up, and then over there saying that she has a perfect body. Those days are over. Waaayyyy over. 

So, she has readjusted her priorities when she looks in the mirror. As we get older, we get wiser. Trust this style tip.

Bathing Suits for Your Body Type:

Your body type is determined by three specific measurements, your bust, your waist, and your hip measurement.

  1. If you carry the majority of your weight on the top half, this means your chest, shoulder, or back measurement is larger than your bust or your waist. You want to minimize your top half and we want to give you a waist.

For a one-piece suit, try a one-shoulder or halter that like ties around the neck. This draws attention to your face, and the lines will make you look longer and leaner. Holly’s favorites for this body type come from

Favorite swimsuits for this body type:

  1. If you carry the majority of your weight in the middle, this means your waist measurement is larger than your bust or bottom measurement.

For this type of figure, Holly’s absolute go-to bathing suit company recommendation is

  1. If you carry the majority of your weight on your bottom half, so your hip measurement is bigger than your bust or your waist.

Holly’s favorite brand for this body type is

Now you know the secret to summer swimsuit success!!  NOTE: this episode requires a bit more visual participation than normal. So again, go to Holly’s Pinterest Board to see all of these style suggestions.

Want to know another secret??  

Next week is our 100th Episode. To celebrate, we have a BFD (big fucking deal) super duper secret special guest with us: Melissa Rivers

As part of the original Fashion Police mother-daughter duo, we could not be more excited for you to meet her. DO NOT MISS IT!

Got questions? Suggestions for our next episode topic? DM Holly on IG or email at

Happy Summer!!


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”


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