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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

What the in the world does Viva Magenta mean? Who and what is Pantone? Why am I being told I need to know about the color of the year?  


This is actually a very exciting subject for our podcast! There is nothing more fun than a new trend, a new color, or a new style to spice up your life – just as long as you have your favorite personal stylist (Holly Katz) here to guide you in how to make it work for you and your wardrobe.

First off, what color is it? Is it red? Is it pink? Does it have purple in it? Or maybe blue? And what does Viva Las Vegas have to do with it?  Ha!

 Let's figure this out.  

First of all, if you've never heard of Pantone, this is the company that provides everything that has anything to do with color, color placement, and product design for almost every industry.

Pantone literally covers all things color....paint swatches, art and design trends, global color trend forecasting, as well as products and consulting services for anyone in the fashion design, textile, interior and manufacturing businesses.  This is where color is born.  

They are the ones who determine what colors will be popular. And of course, the world just follows suit for everything from clothing to furniture to carpet to cars.   

Pantone sets the stage for what consumers will be looking for, and more importantly, incorporate color psychology and emotion of a company's design strategy.  


If you go to their website at, you will be amazed at how detailed the business of color can be. It goes way beyond paint stores and samples. When fashion companies pick colors for the season, they go through a very extensive process of color labs, color dipping and dyeing to get the shades of fabrics exactly correct. 


Next, what color is Viva Magenta? 


In their own words, “Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, vibrates with vim and vigor. It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.” 


Mmmmmkay. So, what is it, really?  

It’s basically pink. But a strong pink, with red in it. And, blue. And somehow, some earth tones, too. This is not your Barbie’s bubble-gum pink, people.  


If you really want to visualize it, please jump over to Holly’s Pinterest for her newest board with the Color of the Year trends and more style ideas.  


How to Wear a New Color Trend: 


If you have been a listener of the podcast before, you know exactly what Holly is going to say:  

  • Shop for Fit First.  
  • Shop for Your Body Type. 
  • Do Not Shop for a Color or a Trend.  


How many episodes to we need to record before you learn this?? 


The best place to start is with my Wardrobe Checklist (Episode 118), which is THE ONLY wardrobe checklist you will ever need! By starting here, we can start with the basics, which is a blank canvas like a top or pants.  


How to add Viva Magenta to your wardrobe. 


First, pick your blank canvas: jeans or pants. 


Next add a top: a T-shirt, jacket, shirt, blouse, or blazer. This is where you can add your new pop of the Viva Magenta color!  


You do not need to invest in a brand-new wardrobe. Start with one statement piece and build your confidence from there.  


Once you have graduated past one item, next you can try monochromatic dressing – like a pant suit. If that is too much of a commitment, then try the monochrmatic color in some pants and a sweater. That way you can break them up if it is too much for you.  


Another simple idea is to wear two colors from the same color family, like a light pink with viva magenta-esque pants.  


FASHION CRIME ALERT: Do not chicken out and wear just an accessory or a scarf. That is not ‘wearing' the color of the year. You need to jump in a little deeper to really claim that you are trying the color of the year.  

It's just a color. It's not scary. Getting into fashion and elevating your style means taking risks. Small risks. Subtle changes.  Not crazy, outlandish costume looking clothing or anything like that.  


Just try one thing that's out of your comfort zone. Fake it ‘til you make it, and you will start to get more creative and courageous with your style choices. YOU CAN DO THIS! 


Speaking of which, did you know color is proven to affect your mood? The colors that you wear can make a difference in how you feel according to psychologists. 


Warm colors like brown, orange and read are known to help you feel energetic. Cool colors like blues, greens and soft tones can calm you down.  


With that being said, when you wear black and gray all the time, what is that saying about your mood? When you wear color, it's just human nature for people to take notice and comment. Happiness occurs because the chemicals in your brain are being activated. Color makes people happy. Just an observation for you to be aware of next time you're choosing your clothes. 


Want more good news? Holly discusses even more color trends for this year, the power and fun of color in fashion and what to expect in the upcoming fashion seasons – and HOW TO WEAR THEM. 


We are all about fashion over 40, and we mean, wayyyyy over 40. So do not be afraid to try some of these ideas out. You cannot go wrong with Holly’s personal styling tips and tricks, and in fact, she can prevent fashion crimes before they happen. 


Just by listening! As Holly would say, “You’re Welcome!” 


Enjoy the show! Please share, like, repost, and rate our podcast. And as always, thank you for being our fashion besties!!