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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Apr 15, 2022

Do you have outfit anxiety? Are you unsure about what people are wearing these days? Does it even matter what we wear now? 

Get our newest episode “What to Wear for Easter” here.

Pro Fashion Tip: 

Hellleerrrrrrr.....people are wearing pants again. And you need to start making a plan to get out of your workout pants. Today.

With the promise of a new spring season, let’s take this opportunity for a fresh fashion start! 

People are going out again. You need to go out again. You need to wear clothing again, and you need to plan for that. 

You can do it! Holly will help you.

Ok, so Easter is upon us. That means Easter dresses and Easter bonnets and new outfits for the whole family, right? 

But why? 

Why do people dress up so much for this holiday, and what should you wear to enjoy this happy time of year? 

First, some history: 

Literally since the beginning of time people dressed in white or their best clothing to celebrate the vernal equinox, and believed that the possibility of wearing new clothes could bring good luck.

This evolved to white linen robes worn during Easter to symbolize rebirth and new life.  In Roman times, the Emperors demanded that the court must wear fine new clothing on Easter, which later came to represent the end of Lent.

Jump to the post-Civil War era, when Easter started being known as the “Sunday of Joy,” as women started to wear happier and brighter colors instead of dark colors for mourning. 

And then, the late 19th century was the beginning of the Easter Parade in New York City where women paraded down Fifth Avenue and their new clothes for the holiday.

The importance of the Easter outfit continues today, albeit with less pomp and circumstance, but it is still a strong tradition today for those who celebrate. 

Now that we know ‘why’ Easter clothes are a thing, now you know the ‘what’ to wear.

Holly has a full list of on-trend, age-appropriate recommendations on the show for you this week, and of course as always, you can see all of them on her Pinterest boards. 

  1. Bright-colored accessories, shoes and clothing
  2. The ‘power suit’ in solid bold colors
  3. Romantic, flowy midi- and maxi-dresses with gorgeous prints, made of beautiful fabrics, with high shoulders or puffy sleeves, and long or asymmetrical cuts
  4. Tops, sweaters and dresses with cut-outs
  5. Chunky, layered necklaces and statement earrings
  6. The ‘statement short’
  7. Brightly colored bags, shoes or a sash

With so many fun ideas, you will not have one ounce of  ‘outfit anxiety’ after this episode!

And finally, Holly gives some major shout-outs to her podcast listeners who have DM’d her with some fabulous, real-life fashion questions. She tells us about “Sandra” and “Lauren” and their fashion dilemmas and how to fix them.

Got fashion questions? Ask Holly

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