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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Hola from Arizona, Fashion Friends! This week, the Fashion Crimes Podcast is coming to you directly from the 2021 She Podcasts LIVE conference in Scottsdale, where Holly is joining the largest gathering of women podcasters, and will impart her fashion advice as only she can as a featured speaker.

Holly is here to help our fashion insider friends face the reality of going back to work and back to conventions and conferences. People are having a hard time getting back to reality, and they have questions: What to pack? How much should I pack? What am I going to do if I can't go back to my room between events? Do I need two outfits a day?

Not to fear, our dears! Holly, not only shares what she is packing, but what you should pack for a conference or any long trip for that matter.

For example, Holly is in Arizona where it is 90 degrees. She will have parties and events to consider for multiple days. She already knows she will need comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking. She has a couple of dinners lined up, so she has planned to be able to go back to her room and change - if she can! You never know how the timing will work out at a conference or event. But she is prepared – and can handle the worst.

So, how to prepare for a conference?  It can be a downright daunting task. If you throw a bunch of shit in your suitcase at the last minute, you are creating chaos for yourself before you even get there. Holly likes to call that the “Ultimate Recipe for Style Disaster.” 

So what is the Recipe for Style Disaster? 

Number One:  Just go ahead and bring your entire closet with you. #umno

The reason we bring this up is - as you will recall from previous podcasts - Holly has been helping her bestie Jessica, prepare for this conference FOR MONTHS.  It all started when Holly asked Jessica what she was going to wear to this event, and she said was just going to “bring all of her stuff.” #pleasedont

SIDE BAR:  You might as well go just ahead and pack all the stress right there in your suitcase. A minor freak-out session is guaranteed each morning because there are going to be way too many choices for you.

FYI, stress is the least attractive accessory for your outfit. That is a truth bomb. 

Continuing on with the recipe, go ahead and add one dash of panic once you finally pick something out, because by now you are running late, and you will be second-guessing your outfit choice of the day while trying to network and schmooze with others. That is a distraction with a Capital D.

There is nothing that is more of an energy killer than feeling unsure about what you're wearing. Your energy is going to reflect that when meeting people.

Next, stir in one cup of chaos when you look like you have been run over by a truck by the end of that day, and you still need to meet colleagues for drinks. Or, add a little extra flavor when the person you have to meet is a potential client or new customer. Did you prepare for that? Are you a mess by now? Well, you are for sure wiped out, and it is only Day One.

If you're interested in the recipe for style success, please look no further. It does not take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure this out. It just takes a little bit of concentration and time on your end. 

So here it is: The Recipe for Style Success – a style calendar.

These days, you download a conference app before even going. So you can pick out which events you are going to attend ahead of time, find the people you want to try to connect with, and see what each day will look like.

It is super easy to add outfits to your calendar and organize your looks. Done! 


However, this recipe needs certain ingredients, so think about these key things:

  1. Are you flying or driving? You should plan to be comfortable, but you cannot look like you just rolled out of bed #ICANTEVEN
  2. What undergarments do you need for each outfit? Get a damn bra that fits. Do you need a strapless bra? What about shaping items? Do you need a black bra for your favorite black sheer top? You can’t go anywhere without the right foundations.
  3. Plan your accessories for every single outfit: do you need socks or tights? Do you have the right shoes for each day? What about statement pieces like jewelry and scarves? PLAN. IT. OUT.

PRO TIP: “getting dressed” does not mean “getting dressed up.”  Pull yourself together for each day, because you are making a first impression 100 times a day. Think about that. 

Take control of your style. Style and fashion should take 10% of your brain space. If you are organized, then you will be able to pick out an outfit in five minutes.  It should take you one hour to get dressed: shower, hair, makeup, whatever your ritual is, and then five minutes to get dressed, especially if you're on a trip.

So what did we learn today? 

If you haven’t already picked out what you're going to wear, and you are hemming and hawing in your closet for 35 minutes, then you will be running late and stressed out. Packing for your conference should be easy to manage when you have your style calendar planned. 

It’s not an easy task, people. But, that's what Holly is here for! DM us on social. Email us. Let us know what your style problems are!

Fashion Crimes Podcast, hosted by Stylist Extraordinaire #HollyKatzStyling 

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