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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

Join us on this episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast as we dive into the world of beauty with our special guest, Michelle Montes, a licensed cosmetologist with over 18 years of international experience. From skincare tips for mature skin to the art of choosing the right makeup, Michelle shares her wealth of knowledge to help you enhance your natural beauty.


Renowned for her color sense, meticulous application, and elegantly understated looks, Michelle has cultivated a dedicated following. Her versatile background spans the dynamic worlds of fashion runways, editorial photoshoots, brand campaigns, and the silver screen, to delivering bespoke bridal beauty services for a diverse clientele.


Michelle's artistic prowess has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Hello!, Marie Claire, and Vogue, while over 1,500 brides have trusted her to deliver modern yet timelessly beautiful wedding day transformations. 


Join us as Michelle imparts her seasoned perspectives on beauty that transcends trends!



  • Skincare Over 40: Discover how to combat dehydrated skin and why simplifying your skincare routine can be more effective than over-exfoliating.


  • Makeup Techniques: The best practices for applying foundation, concealer, and blush, in addition to explaining how to adapt makeup application to different eye shapes and ages.


  • Professional Insights: Learn from Michelle's extensive background on fashion shoots, bridal makeup, and her features in international magazines.



Top Beauty Concerns: the primary beauty challenges faced by women over 40.


Consumer Fatigue in Beauty: The conversation pivots to the overwhelming world of beauty products and how consumers can achieve a minimalist approach to makeup and skincare.


Self-Care Rituals: Michelle and Holly talk about the importance of dedicating time to self-care, even if it's just 10-15 minutes a day!


Foundation Application Tools: An insightful debate on the merits of beauty blenders, brushes, and fingers for foundation application.


Concealer Tips: The dos and don’ts of concealer application and how to achieve a natural look.

Michelle’s Beauty Philosophy:

"Makeup rules are there so you know them, and then you can break them."

We learn so much on this beauty-packed episode and are so grateful for the time Michelle was able to share with us this week. 


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