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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Aug 11, 2023

Getting the right ingredients when cooking or baking is pertinent in a successful recipe. Building an outfit is no different. When you get dressed every day, you should be wearing the correct-fitting undergarments to support your outfit. #please


Join us on this episode as Your Favorite Personal Stylist, Holly Katz, outlines the “Top Undergarments You Need to Own!”


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When you are deciding what to wear, choosing the correct undergarments can make or break how you feel about yourself in your clothes. That's what your clothes should be doing for you: serving you and making you look your best.


Because when you look your best, you feel your best. #trademark!



When Holly is working with clients to help solve their closet chaos, her rule #1 is:


“The older and out of date your undergarments are, the more unsexy and unflattering you feel.”


So, to rectify this problem, you need to take inventory every year or so, and clean out your underwear drawer.  You know which underwear and bras make you feel the best. So, keep those (as long as they are in good condition) - and get rid of the rest. 



Follow along on Holly’s PINTEREST Board for all these amazing suggestion and where to buy them at



  1. Seamless Underwear

  2. Correct-Fitting Bras

  3. Boob Tape, Nipple Covers and Backless Bras

  4. Shapewear Bottoms

  5. Shapewear Tops



  • Underwear, of course, you wash after every wearing (which means you replace more often, too). 

  • Bras can be worn many days in a row before washing is necessary – because you don’t work out in your regular bras. (Sports bras, you wash). 

  • Shapewear can be worn more than once, as well, as long as the support stays strong.


The key to laundry care is to not be overly aggressive in your washing machine cycles or with detergents. AND, you never put undergarments in the dryer. Heat breaks down the stretchy fibers you need for support. Also, do not hang your bras to dry by the straps (again, all the stretch is there). Just lie flat to dry.



Holly has a tried-and-true formula: CPW which is the  ‘Cost Per Wear’ that she swears by. If you are going to wear an item 100 times, is $100 too much to spend? You do the math that makes the most sense to you, but that is not expensive when you consider the CPW.


The adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ really makes sense when you spend money on workhorse items like supportive undergarments. 



Take the time to get professionally fitted for bras of all sorts, try on shapewear items and purchase the ones that solve your support issues best, and try boob tape and nipples covers to see what works best for you. #likedoitnow


Then, when you have an occasion or a new outfit, you will be ready to go with the strong foundations you need to look and feel your best. You won't be scrambling at the last minute. This is key to having a succeful wardrobe. 




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Holly Katz 

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