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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

We jump right into the hottest debate that is all over the internet right now: ARE SKINNY JEANS OVER? We both give our hot takes on which jeans we LOVE and which jeans we can live without. Don’t miss the latest news - Ella Emhoff and Amanda Gorman signed with IMG Models. You will recognize them from the US inauguration. Plus, we talk about how Alber Elbaz has created a whole new system of dressing. However, we deliberate whether or not Alber is really reinventing the way that the world is dressing. Lastly, Nolan has numerous updates – he's so busy that he feels like Queen B herself, Beyoncé.

In This Episode:

  • [03:00] We get fashion updates from Vanessa Friedman - the Chief Fashion Critic of the New York Times. Vanessa says that skinny jeans are over!! 
  • [08:45] Ella Emhoff and Amanda Gorman sign with IMG Models – YAS! 
  • [12:15] Alber Elbaz has created a whole new system of dressing… we’ll be the judge of that.
  • [19:10] Nolan explains how he is cashing checks and snapping necks.   
  • [22:30] What Nolan is wearing this week. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Skinny jeans are not out, and they never will go out. 
  • Frame are the best jeans of all time; they’re expensive, but you can find them on Poshmark. 
  • Alber Elbaz has a new brand; follow it blindly and trust Alber no matter what! 
  • Modeling is much more diverse now than it has been in the past – we are lucky to have Ella Emhoff and Amanda Gorman sign with IMG Models. 

Links Mentioned:

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  • “Are skinny jeans over? No! It's kind of like saying, are bell bottoms over?  They’re over, they’re back, they’re in, they’re out.” -Holly
  • “Skinny jeans are my best friend; It's almost like when you are born with big boobs versus buying them. When you're born with it, you don't need to show it off. When you buy them, it's okay that people see them.” -Nolan