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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Sep 8, 2023

HOLD UP Fashion besties: There's another Holly on this train. And we LOVE Ittttt!!!


Meet this week’s special guest Holly Pan: a fashion influencer, fashionable mom, AND petite style expert from Washington, DC.


If you listened to our last episode (EP 159), Holly outlined all the things you need to know about Petite Styling (along with an amazing list of brands and stores for shopping).  There were a lot of fundamental style tips and strategies to help anyone struggling to find clothes that fit and look fabulous.

This week, Holly gets even more insights from a real, live petite style expert! Her name is Holly too, so stick with us!


According to our guest Holly Pan, “good Asians” don’t pursue fashion—they become accountants or lawyers. So, after she moved to the US from China to get her MBA, she took a financial-analyst position with AOL. When she left the corporate world to raise her family, her thoughts returned to her first love: designer clothing. 


Holly Pan started hanging out on a Chinese online fashion forum where the community encouraged her to share the “outfits of the day” she was posting to the world at large.  #OOTD


She soon became one of DC’s most beloved fashionistas and fashion bloggers. Her unique sense of style has garnered over 146K followers on Instagram, where she blends her global influence with everything from high fashion to street style. 


In this episode, she shares her unique sense of fashion as her life has evolved, and what her inspiration is for her very successful blog and fashion content as an influencer. 


Thank you to Holly Pan for joining us this week! For everyone else, be sure to check out Holly’s Pinterest Board to see her Top Petite Fashion Picks.

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Holly’s new book, “Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes,” is now a best-seller on Amazon!  This fun and insightful style guide is a short lesson on how avoiding some of the biggest fashion mistakes.


It makes a great gift for yourself, or for someone who many need a little fashion help. AND, it’s only $7.99. 


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