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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Nov 24, 2023

Hey Fashion Bestieeesss!


It's that time of the year again – the HOLLY-DAYS are here, and guess what? We’ve got the scoop on how to slay this gift-giving season with Holly’s annual exclusive GIFT GUIDE and GIFT GIVEWAY episode!


Holly is here this week to tell you how to curate your own gift list to include things that will help elevate your wardrobe. She wants you to ask for items that will enhance your style and bring you joy. This will make you happy, which in turn, will make Holly happy - because that is really all she wants for Christmas and Hanukkah – is for you to be happy. #whenyouarehappyhollyishappy


First things first, let's dish out some love for those small, women-owned businesses that are rocking the fashion world. All our gift-giving participants this year are women entrepreneurs whom we have featured on the podcast and want you to have the opportunity to experience.


We are all about boosting style esteem and supporting these trailblazers – and so should you!


Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – your holiday wish list. Holly's not just talking any wish list; it's the ultimate style elevation guide.


This year’s super-duper exclusive GIFT GUIDE includes these magical categories and items. (If you are already a fan of the Podcast, you already know you should be following along on Holly’s Pinterest board for a sneak peek at all these gift ideas!)



Jewelry that jazzes up your everyday look, from Bauble Bar to Kate Spade. Don’t sleep on Anthropologie’s cute finds either. And if you're hankering for something high-end, Julie Lamb NY has got you covered with New York-themed bling that'll make you the fashion talk of the town.


Bags, baby! Holly's saying it's time to up your game with totes and travel cases that scream chic. The Daily Edited and Stoney Clover Lane are your go-tos for that personalized touch. And let's not forget about Away luggage – because even your suitcase should make a statement.


Now, let’s talk self-care splurges. Holly’s got you thinking about facials and scalp treatments (ew, but necessary, right?). And if you don’t know about the ZAQ Tara Sonic Vibrating Magnetic Beads Facial Cleansing Brush – it’s like a spa day every day. Also included in this category is make-up, massages, and personal styling sessions (by you know who!). These treats are all about making you feel like the VIP you are!
Outerwear is non-negosh, and Holly's laying down the law: puffer, dress coat, leather – the holy trinity of chic. And why stop there? Blazers in every shade to spice up your wardrobe are a must. (Psst, check Holly’s Pinterest board for inspo!)


Workout wardrobe woes? Wave them goodbye. Holly's got you covered with the latest from Zyia Active from our bestie JennyFitStart and some Nike favs that are as stylish as they are comfy.


And now, for best gift you can give yourself: the Holly-Days Gift Giveaway.


This is your chance to win big – we're talking over $1,300 worth of fashion finesse. So, hit up that Fashion Crimes Podcast Instagram, tag your squad, and get those entries in!


Starting on November 24, Black Friday, enter on our Instagram as many times as you want. The winner is going to be announced on Friday, December 1st.


Julie Lamb NY Jewelry: $50 Gift Certificate. Featured on episode 93, as a jewel in the crown of New York-themed accessories, Julie's spectacular subway tokens and iconic city symbols are not just jewelry, they're conversation starters. If you've got a thing for chic and unique, this is where you'll find your bling.


Zyia Active Wear from JennyFitStart: $50 Gift Certificate.  Jenny Fit Start is your go-to health and fitness site. Featured on episode 149,  Jenny McClendon, of Jenny Fit Start is a fitness YouTube channel for seniors and beginners. The channel is full of motivating exercise and instructional videos where you will sweat, have fun, and try new things. It is made to make everyone feel encouraged, comfortable, and successful!


Michelle Montes Makeup Artistry: Free 30-minute virtual make-up lesson. Michelle was our special guest on EP 170, and is has mastered the art of make-up for women over 40. She provides make-up sessions, classes, and virtual tutorials. Valued at $500.


Holly Katz Styling: 2 Hour Free Styling Session AND a free signed copy of Holly’s new book, “Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes.” Holly transforms the lives of her clients and empowers them by leading them through her step-by-step personal styling process. Holly is the ultimate style coach! Valued at $750. #YYYAAASSSSS



Holly's all about making this season the best for YOU. So, curate that list with all these must-haves that'll keep you on top of your fashion game!


And let's wrap it up with a bow on top: Holly's heartfelt wish for you to have a fashionably fabulous week, an incredible Black Friday, and a holiday season that's all about you, your style, and your joy.

Your gift list is all right here, so don't be shy! You deserve it and we hope you have the best holiday season ever with everything that you want!


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