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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Oct 29, 2021

“I have enough jewelry.” - said no one ever. 

Hey Fashion Friends, if that quote fits you, then step up and try on this week’s episode because we welcome jewelry designer Crista Grasso, of Criscara Jewelry to the show to talk about jewelry design, jewelry making, small business struggles and e-commerce selling! 

Oct 21, 2021

Live from the She Podcasts LIVE in Scottsdale, Arizona, it’s Holly Katz!

It’s 90 degrees outside and everyone is lounging at the pool, but Holly is here to give us the 411 on all things podcasting, and to share some MAJOR learning from the incredible speakers, break-out sessions and all of the amazing women at this...

Oct 14, 2021

Hola from Arizona, Fashion Friends! This week, the Fashion Crimes Podcast is coming to you directly from the 2021 She Podcasts LIVE conference in Scottsdale, where Holly is joining the largest gathering of women podcasters, and will impart her fashion advice as only she can as a featured speaker.

Holly is here to help...

Oct 8, 2021

LISTEN AND LEARN, People: This week on The Fashion Crimes Podcast, Holly talks real fashion news, for real women, who have real bodies. 

Fashion Friends, meet Shanna Goldstone. She is the founder of Pari Passu, a STUNNING contemporary fashion line that is breaking the mold – literally – in the plus-size fashion...

Oct 1, 2021

Hey, Hey, Hey, Fashion Friends!! This week, Holly answers more of your burning fashion questions. Get your ears ready, because we are here to share some hard truth, friends!

Have you ever thought:

“I’m afraid of a closet clean-out! Should I be?”


“If you come over to my house, are you gonna throw all...