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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Nov 5, 2020

Today, we are lucky to be joined by the queen herself, Greivy. We reminisce about our favorite memories together before COVID, mostly food-related.   

Plus, Greivy reveals the journey she took to become an ultra-influencer. Becoming an influencer was a complete mistake. One of her photos was reposted by Lancôme, and it catapulted her into the public eye. Now, Greivy loves to share moments of her colorful life.  

Then, Greivy explains how being a fashion influencer works. With 48,000 followers, Greivy has loads of brands reaching out to her. It’s not size; it’s how you use it. When people see her relatable content, then brands trust her. Fortunately, COVID hasn’t slowed Greivy’s fashion and lifestyle influencer work.  

Stay tuned as Greivy explains why she’s honest with brands, we reveal our biggest fashion crime pet peeves and the importance of creating relatable content. 

Time Stamp  

  • [ 4:40 ] Our favorite stories with Greivy   
  • [ 7:20 ] About Greivy’s journey  
  • [ 16:20 ] What it’s like being an influencer   
  • [ 21:00 ] The importance of being honest with brands  
  • [ 24:55 ] Greivy reveals her biggest fashion pet peeves 
  • [ 28:15 ] Why you need to create relatable content  
  • [ 31:40 ] How Greivy chooses a handbag  
  • [ 40:00 ] What’s next for the Greivy empire   


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 About Greivy 

GREIVY is a New York-based lifestyle influencer with a love for all things bold and glamorous. On a daily basis, she fills her Instagram feed with a realistic highlight reel of her life—whether that may be a photo of innovative beauty products, a look inside a fashion preview, or a hotel tour from a family trip. 

The mission of Greivy’s platform is to inspire others to rethink the normal standards of beauty in all aspects of life.  

Social media started out as a hobby for Greivy, who began gaining a following for posting her everyday food, travel, and family activity. She later focused more on her passion for beauty, and it wasn’t until Lancôme reposted her photo on Instagram in January 2018. She gratefully took it as a calling and began to work tirelessly on her online presence to make it a viable career doing what she loves: sharing all-around lifestyle experiences with a dash of enthusiasm. Since then, Greivy has been featured in Shape, InStyleTeen Vogue, The Cut, NylonMarie ClaireElleBustleFashionistaDaily Front RowRefinery29, and more.