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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jun 3, 2022

This week, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz shares some serious STYLE TRUTH BOMBS to help us understand that going back to work after the pandemic means we need to get our office outfit game on!

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While some of us may have loved the days of working at home and spending extra time with family, others may have felt depressed and secluded. Regardless, many of us slipped into a new lifestyle that helped us feel better – and frankly – who didn’t love the new normal of no pants? 

But now that companies are slowly getting back to work this summer, the everlasting question still hangs over our heads like a sad saggy rain cloud is:  What do we wear now

Before you hit the panic button, let's keep it real. Know that you are not alone.

Rule #1:

The summer dress code requires one thing: Professional attire without looking like you're counting down the minutes to happy hour.

You can never go wrong being the best-dressed in your office (or anywhere, FYI)!

Rule #2:

Is your image holding you back?

“It is your responsibility to have a wardrobe that supports your lifestyle at work, at home, that fits your age and your life phase. Whether you're just starting out after college or grad school, or you've been in your career for a minute, your style should be evolving with your age.” 

And, if you're not?  You are stuck. 

The Top 5 Style Blocks: 

  1. Financial: Afraid to spend money, always looking for sale items and cheapest styles
  2. Closet Chaos: If you don’t know what is in your closet, you don’t know what fits, what to wear, or what is out of style. You have so much stuff, you don’t know what you have. 
  3. Emotional or Guilt: Feeling like you need to invest in other things for your home, your family, and your finances.  
  4. Stuck In a Style Rut: You have not evolved your style. If your age, weight or decade has changed, you need to update your style to look and feel your best!
  5. Putting Yourself at the Bottom of the List: When you put yourself last, you have less to give to your family, your job, and your friends. 

“When you deplete from you, you deplete from them, because you are the shining example that they see every single day.” – Holly Katz

So now that we know we need to wear pants every day, and how to break free of the style blocks that cause us fashion anxiety, here are some style tips for what to wear to the workplace this summer.  (Before we get started, head over to Holly’s latest Pinterest Board to see all these recommendations): 

  1. Try a front-slit ankle pant. They pair well with sandals and low heels, and make sure whichever pant you purchase, stretch rules. At a certain age, a pant with a little bit of stretch will change your life.
  2. Color is in!  Color blocking with bright-colored blazers, a neutral pant and a little top is a sure conversation starter – and completely classy. 
  3. The Midi-Skirt is a skirt that hits under the knee, and halfway down your shin. Wear this skirt with a super cute pattern and then rock it with some sneakers and a vintage T-shirt, and then throw on a beaded or jeweled denim jacket or cardi, so when they crank up the A/C they can't freeze you out of your workspace.
  4. Puff-sleeve dresses are the perfect fit for many of us. This dress can be easily dressed up to go from office to dinner out with just a quick change to a strappy shoe and a fun clutch!
  • And finally, the summer weight sweater!  This is style perfection and great for summer when you need a step up from your favorite tee and then you can layer it under a lightweight jacket or a printed scarf for fall. Wear them with a chunky necklace or statement earring. They also go great with a colored jean and platform sandals. Amazeballs!

Again, there are plenty of ideas on our Pinterest board for your perusing pleasure. And please let Holly know if you have any questions or if you need to go a little bit deeper into what to wear at work for the summer!

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Cheers to summer!! 


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz!