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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Dec 21, 2023

This episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast is nothing short of a stylish escapade as Holly Katz goes international, bringing us an exciting journey from Milan, Italy, with the incomparable personal stylist, Traci Jeske


Known for her vibrant pink style and empowering approach to Fashion over 50, Traci opens up about her personal journey, her philosophy on style, and how fashion can be a transformative force at any age.


Key Highlights:


Holly's lively introduction sets the stage for an episode packed with fashion, style, and life-changing insights.


Traci Jeske shares her story of fashion evolution from Canada to Italy, detailing her fashion philosophy and the importance of confidence and joy in style.


Insights into Milan's culture, including art, shopping, food, and fun, through the lens of an expert living in the fashion capital.


Traci's tips for finding deals on luxury brands and how she creates memorable shopping experiences for her clients.


A candid discussion about Traci’s personal battle with an eating disorder and how fashion played a role in her recovery.


Exploration of the challenges women over 40 and 50 face with body image and style, and how to overcome them.


Holly and Traci answer listener questions, offering personalized advice on style and fashion decisions.


The episode culminates with a powerful message: Your age or dress size should never define you. #TRUTH


Key Quotes:


“Fashion and style are your friends, not your enemies. It's not about changing who you are, it's about enhancing who you are." – Holly Katz


“Age and your dress size are just a number and it should never define how you dress, look, or feel.” – Traci Jeske


Special Segments:


Traci's Transformational Tips: Traci provides actionable tips for adding vibrancy to your wardrobe and embracing your personal style.


Q&A with Holly & Traci: Our hosts answer questions from listeners, giving practical advice for everyday fashion conundrums.


Holly's Hot Takes: Holly shares her observations on Milanese fashion and what sets it apart.


Don't Miss Moments:


The revelation of Traci's colorful and glitter-infused personal style that defies norms and encourages self-expression.


A touching segment where Traci discusses the power of fashion in healing and personal growth.


Holly's personal experience with Traci's shopping tour in Milan and how it has impacted her view on fashion and style.


Final Thoughts:


Fashion is an ever-evolving journey, and this episode encourages listeners to embrace change, seek inspiration, and remember that style is about bringing joy to yourself and those around you.


Traci's passion and Holly's enthusiasm remind us all that fashion is not just about clothes—it's a lifestyle. #YAAASSSS


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