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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Dec 4, 2020

Powered by artificial intelligence, Entrupy is the only technology-based, authentication solution on the market to provide trust to buyers and sellers of luxury handbags. Devin Battersby joins the show to talk about how it works and why it’s so crucial for the fashion industry. 

Using Entrupy’s technology, you can get a result within sixty seconds about whether or not the product is authentic. As an advocate for authentic goods, Devin says that the counterfeit industry is a money-laundering front for criminal organizations. 

If you are looking for high-quality counterfeit goods, they are out there. People can get good quality leather from anywhere; however, the bag is made with fake hardware. It can be challenging to tell with the naked eye whether or not your bag is authentic.

Tune in as Devin speaks about the difference between counterfeit and fake goods, advice for buying luxury items, and what Devin is currently looking out for.   

Time Stamp 

  • [ 1:25 ] About Devin Battersby and Entrupy
  • [ 5:30 ] Why counterfeit goods are hurting the fashion industry  
  • [ 10:10 ] The most commonly faked goods  
  • [ 14:45 ] Devin’s favorite bag  
  • [ 17:00 ] The difference between counterfeit and fake goods  
  • [ 23:20 ] Selling on Poshmark 
  • [ 29:15 ] Advice for buying luxury items
  • [ 33:20 ] What Devin is currently looking out for 


  • “Counterfeit items are not good for the environment.” -Devin Battersby 
  • “I am so petrified of selling breakables on the internet.” -Devin Battersby 




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About Devin Battersby

Devin Battersby has over 10 years’ experience in resale and has managed numerous multimillion-dollar luxury consignment shops. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is currently the support operations manager for a handbag authentication company called Entrupy which uses machine learning and artificial technology to authenticate luxury goods. On the side, she also manages her brand RecycledRehab which can currently be shopped through Instagram, Poshmark, Depop, eBay, and her website