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Fashion Crimes Podcast

May 7, 2021

BFD ALERT: Personal stylist, published author and personal development coach Lauren Messiah, (not to mention Holly’s mentor and total BOSS chick) joins the show. She is a personal stylist known for her method of combining her entrepreneurial personal development courses to help develop one's style and goals. We get to the history of how she started her career, rising up and creating her business that has surpassed the million dollar mark. She spills the tea on the common problems people have when getting dressed, and which pieces in your wardrobe you should invest in. She speaks from experience knowing that when you dress for the job you want, it pays off BIG time in your career. Unfortunately, most people do not understand their true essence and potential through fashion. She teaches that people can use style and fashion as a tool to get them ahead in life. Tune in as we talk about how leveling up your style can be uncomfortable, but certainly pays off in the long run. Catch all of her programs on social media and her new YouTube series Style Therapy Makeover Experience. 

In This Episode:

  • [03:25] First, Lauren inspires us and gives us the scoop on who she is and what she does.  
  • [14:00] In Lauren’s book, Style Therapy, she teaches people how to be the best-dressed in the room. 
  • [18:00] Women need to make an investment in their fashion to help their career. Nolan points out the MAJOR double standard.  
  • [20:30] Lauren explains what it’s like to be in her SCC program. 
  • [26:35] So many people are do not understand their true essence and potential through fashion. 
  • [31:50] The importance of finding your niche in business. 
  • [41:25] Going a level up will not be comfortable; get out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion! 


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t waste your money on a Michael Kors bag; instead, go big or go home. 
  • You need to invest in nice clothing and bags because it's going to help you in your career.
  • Even during the pandemic, you need to get dressed up; it’s critical for your overall wellbeing. 
  • You have to buy the bag, and you have to wear the blazer to get in the right environments. 


Lauren is a personal stylist known for her signature method of combining personal development and style. She founded and created on-demand styling systems:

Style Confidence Collective and Personal Style University™ and authored books: ’Style Therapy™, ‘The Book of Style’ and ’The Style Solution™’.

Named Google’s #WomenToWatch on Youtube, Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, VH1, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, Refinery 29 plus many other print and digital media outlets for her style expertise.

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Find things that fit with you and fit with your goals, and then you can fully express yourself.” 

“Find the thing that makes you different and stand out.”