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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

🍑 Welcome back, Fashion Besties! Holly Katz here, serving you the hot goss from the fashion world. This episode is all juiced up with the peachiest news - Pantone's Color of the Year! Wave 'Barbie Pink' goodbye (sad) and say hello to 'Peach Fuzz' – a velvety shade that's all about nurturing your vibe.

In this week’s episode:

🎨 Embracing 'Peach Fuzz': Fear not, pale beauties; this color isn't just a summer fling. It's all about how you wear it. Go bold with a peach blazer or play it cool with chic accessories. Dive into the peach pot with tips on making this trendy tone work for you, no matter your skin hue.  

Key takeaways from Holly's discussion on Pantone's Color of the Year:

"Peach Fuzz" is Pantone's nurturing, velvety color pick that embodies comfort and positivity.
The color is a shift from previous trends, suggesting a move towards gentler, more soulful aesthetics.
Holly emphasizes adaptability, suggesting ways to incorporate the color into personal style, regardless of one’s complexion.
She proposes using "Peach Fuzz" in various wardrobe elements, advocating for smart fashion risks that don't compromise personal style.
The conversation about the color is in-depth, aligning fashion choices with color psychology and trend anticipation.
Be sure to check out Holly’s Pinterest board for her exclusive styling recommendations in every shade to match your personal style.


Intriguing Sidebars:

💇‍♀️ Hair Color Dilemmas: Grays got you? Listen up as I dive into the dye debate. Whether you're a color virgin or a dye-hard, get my unfiltered advice on keeping your crown true to you.

👗 Rental Rant: Think rental services are the new black? Honey, I'm here to spill the tea on why owning your style is worth every penny.

Coming Up Next:

🛍️ Milan Recap: Fresh from the fashion capital, I've got the scoop on cashmere - Italy's lux fabric that's a must in your timeless wardrobe. From cashmere sweaters to skirts, I'm telling you, tax-free shopping there is the real deal! Check out Episode 175 now!

Sneak Peek: Stay tuned for a mini-debrief on 'Shopping In Milan' – think of it as your fashion espresso shot!


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Holly Katz,

Your Favorite Personal Stylist, the Hostess with the Mostest AND the only Holly you need to know!



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