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Fashion Crimes Podcast

May 10, 2024

Hey Fashion Besties! Get comfortable; this is your hostess with the mostess, Holly Katz, dishing out the juiciest takes from the Met Gala 2024.

From the fab to the drab, we’ve got all the fashion hits and misses from the night’s star-studded extravaganza.

Who wore it best, and who committed the worst Fashion Crimes?  Stick with us for all the tea.

It’s time to roll out the red (really champagne and green) carpet and see who strutted into the fashion heavens and who plummeted into style purgatory.

So, buckle up, darlings—it's going to be a chic ride!

Have you never heard of the Met Gala? Have you never been to the Met in New York City? It doesn't matter. Just know that this is the celebrity event of the year featuring the most outrageous dresses, creations, costumes, art and curated looks to have ever been on blast in the history of fashion.  

No matter your movie career, your singing career, your income bracket, or your societal stature -is the coolest of the cool kids who get to go.

In this episode, we break down the triumphs and trials of the fashion’s biggest night, where the theme "Garden of Time" brought out an array of floral and fantastical outfits.

From ethereal looks that had us gasping to questionable choices that had us asking, "What were they thinking?", this Met Gala was a fashion rollercoaster, to say the least.

EPISODE ALERT: Follow along on Holly’s Pinterest to see all of the looks discussed in this episode.


Best Dressed Celebrities:  A Short List

The Men:

Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon. We are not kicking them out of bed for eating crackers. IMJUSSAYIN!



Shook the red carpet in a dazzling Carolina Herrera gown, proving age is just a number with her timeless beauty.


Jennifer Lopez:

Shimmered a stunning dress featuring 2,500,000 silver foil bugles and beads and took 800 hours of hand embroidery work.



A vision in Margiela with a look that screamed both royal and regal, capturing the theme with perfection.


Mindy Kaling:

Turned heads with a sculptural Gaurav Gupta creation that was nothing short of wearable art.


Gigi Hadid:

Slayed in a deconstructed Tom Brown masterpiece, adorned with a galaxy of micro bugle beads. ONE OF the best dressed of the night. Let's be honest.


Demi Moore:

Stunned us all in a Harris Reed ensemble, a moving masterpiece that was both regal and avant-garde with feather arrows and structured wings. Wings!


Elle Fanning:

Looked like a fairy princess in a spellbinding Balmain gown that resembled liquid glass.

Also mentioned: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kris Jenner, Penelope Cruz, and so. many. more! Be sure to LISTEN HERE!


Worst Fashion Crimes:


Doja Cat:

Made waves for all the wrong reasons in a soaked white t-shirt dress, earning a solid fashion crime badge. #GIRLNO


Rita Ora:

Naked covered in a beaded curtain you hang over your doorway in your dorm room. Just no.


Brie Larson:

Missed the mark in a Prada ensemble that looked like a last-minute choice, not living up to the gala’s glamorous expectations. #mehatbest


Queen Latifah:

Overwhelmed by an opera coat that swallowed her stunning presence, turning what could have been fab into drab.


Dia Lupa:

A chaotic mix of lacy tablecloth vibes paired with a corset that made her look more tossed salad than tossed couture. #wwwhhyyyyyyy


Serena Williams:

Faced a style setback in a Balenciaga piece that was a fashion miss, more than a fashion hit. #punintended


The Worst: Lizzo

In a see-through dress with a headpiece that made her look like she was wearing a lampshade. Literally, she was wearing a cone of shame.



What do you think?

That’s a wrap on the Met Gala. Those are JUST SOME of our Best Dressed and Worst Fashion Crimes for this year.


Do you agree? Do you not agree? Let us know!


Thanks for tuning in to the Fashion Crimes Podcast! Remember, fashion might throw us curveballs, but that's what makes it thrilling.


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the night’s fashion saga. Hit me up, and tell me who you loved and who got a fashion citation.



Holly Katz

Your Favorite Personal Stylist