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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

OMG! Did you know that there is a 2-year backlog of weddings after the COVID pandemic? This means that you will be invited to 400% more weddings this year.  WHAT?? Welcome to the “Wedding Boom,” y’all! 


Whether it’s a black-tie event or a fun backyard family get-together, Holly is here to keep you from panicking by telling you exactly “How to be the best-dressed wedding guest!” 


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If you need to know what to wear and how to wear it, believe us, you came to the right place.  This week we cover traditional and non-traditional wedding attire, how much you should be spending, and how to create a killer outfit from your existing wardrobe. 


Your favorite stylist, Holly Katz, dishes out a bunch of different scenarios of wedding events: time of day, dress codes and outfit ideas. 


Let's be honest, it would be great if we could all wear something that we already have in our wardrobe. If you have a ton of to choose from in your own closet, Holly will always recommend that you start there. Always, Always!


Event Number One: Cocktail Attire

The 6 p.m. wedding with dinner and dancing, and the dress code says “Cocktail Attire.”

Is that black-tie? No. 


So let's start with the dress code. Cocktail dress code means nighttime, dressy dress, something that you would not wear during the day. And this is where it gets a little confusing, we are not gonna lie. 


Can you wear sequins? Yes. Can you wear sequins during the day? If you're Holly? Yes. Can you wear said sequins for a cocktail wedding and make it a nighttime look? Absolutely.


It's all in how you style it. There are some very clear examples on Holly’s Pinterest board of amazing dresses, and even a couple pictures of Holly as well, of course, for your viewing pleasure. 

Can you wear a long dress? Yes. 


Can you wear an evening dress? Yes. 


Can you wear a daytime dress or a casual sundress? No. 


You need to aim to look dressier than you would look during the day. This is very important for people who don't have a dressy lifestyle, or who don't have a wide variety of dresses in their wardrobe.


Final note on Cocktail Attire:

The key is to look special. Get something that makes the evening dressier than you would normally dress. It could be fabulous shoes and evening bag, or just your jewelry that can be bigger and flashier and fancier than normal.


Insider Stylist Tip:

Shop for fit, not for price. We know that price needs to be consideration, however, you need to be shopping for fit first. 


Holly calls this little formula “Shopping forward vs. Shopping backward.” This is actually in her corporate styling presentation. 


When you shop backward, the fashion crime is when you strictly shop for color or price. This is the ultimate way to do yourself a huge fashion disservice. 


Translation: don’t buy shit because it's on sale, thinking you'll find somewhere to wear it one day. That's how you end up with clothes in your closet with tags on them.  Don’t shop without a plan or shop aimlessly spending money on things that are not right for you. 


That is shopping backward. You don't need this fashion crime! 


When you shop with a purpose, when you know your body type and you buy something because it fits really well: that is shopping forward.


Event Number Two: the 4:00 PM Outdoor Wedding

This is one of the hardest time slots to decide what to wear. When in doubt, be on the more dressy side.


How long does the four o'clock wedding go? Until sundown? That would be beautiful! 


Until 10 PM? Then is it a sit-down dinner? It may not technically be dinner, but may be heavy hors d'oeuvres? 


So, you have cocktails, you may or may not have seating, and you may be standing on your feet for a long time. Consider your shoe choice and the temperature after the sun goes down. 


Any-who, there will be people who are just as dressed up as you, and some that are much more casual. Who is right here? Holly thinks it can honestly be interpreted either way. But again, she recommends being dressier than not. 


Dress brands Holly mentions in this episode and recommends:






alice and olivia


Chiara Boni


La Ligne


Adrianna Papell


badgley mischka

Hot Tip:

If you are hard to fit, and ordering online, order one size up!! If you are unsure of the fit, if you don’t know the designer, or if you don’t know the brand - save your sanity and order one size larger. 


Event Number Three: the Afternoon Wedding 

When the dress code says something super douchy like “smart casual” or “uptown chic” and you have zero clue that that is, join the clueless club. People don't know what the fuck that is. Right? 


Translation: look nice. Don't read that much into it.


However, do not choose comfort over style! You can sometimes, but in this instance, do not, especially for a wedding. A wedding is special. 


It never hurts to be the best-looking person in the room. And if we have to suffer with foot pain, we have to suffer. It's the circle of life. Okay? It's not that serious. 


Just know that when you're walking in this type of situation, you need to error on the side of looking dressier than not. 


Event Number Four: the Formal Wedding

This is the easy one. Formal means black-tie for men and evening gowns for women. If you do not have these items in your wardrobe, try Rent the Runway or shop sale items at department stores. 


You can splurge here, but make sure it is a dress that fits you perfectly and is one that you will wear again and again. 


A well-fitting, age-appropriate formal gown never goes out of style - and you will always need at least one in your adult life.


Want to know “How to be the best dressed wedding guest?” Hit Holly up! 

She has solved all of your wedding guest dress problems on her Pinterest board and social media!


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“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed” 

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz!