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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jan 4, 2024

Welcome to Fashion Crimes Podcast, your weekly dose of fashion and style with your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz. In today's episode, we're thrilled to have Morgan Smith, a renowned brow artist and beauty expert from Savannah, Georgia, joining us to share her journey and expertise in achieving the perfect brows. #helpus


For a comprehensive dive into the world of perfect brows and beauty tips from Morgan Smith, tune in to Episode 177 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast with Holly Katz. Also, please visit our YouTube page where you get full access to the full video with Morgan, eyebrow tutorials and before and after pics that will blow. your. mind.  #SERIOUSLY





Morgan Smith's Eyebrow Journey:

Morgan's unique path to becoming a brow expert started after she moved to Savannah. Seeking a career that allowed her to work less and earn more, she found inspiration in her friend's brow bar in Miami. Morgan's leap of faith into the world of beauty, despite no prior experience, led to her establishing the successful Brow Bar Savannah. We LOVE supporting women-owned businesses! #FACTS


Brow Techniques Explained:

During our conversation, Morgan delves into various brow techniques, including the differences between microblading and powder ombre. She explains how microblading suits people with dry skin and younger demographics, while powder ombre is ideal for a wider range of skin types and ages. Morgan emphasizes the natural, long-lasting results of her techniques, alongside yearly touch-ups for color boosting.


Holly's Personal Experience:

Holly shares her personal experience with Morgan's brow services, highlighting the transformation and healing process. Morgan also touches on the importance of proper brow mapping and her golden ratio technique for perfect brow shaping.


Beyond Brows:

Morgan offers services like lip blushing, and enhancing the natural beauty of her clients. She plans to expand her services to include areola tattooing, aiming to help those who've undergone mastectomies.


Essential Brow Tip:

The episode concludes with Morgan's mantra for 2024, "If it doesn't serve you, let it go," and her essential brow tip: put down the tweezers and seek professional help for the best results.


Remember, Fashion Besties, investing in your brows is investing in your face! #FACTS


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