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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Aug 13, 2021

Hey, hey, hey, it’s a Holly Solo Mini Series as she joins us this week with a Nashville Trip Wrap Par-tay! Did you know she went to Nashville last week to mix and mingle with Podcast People? Did you miss our last episode? WTF, people?

The last two weeks have been very important: We shared important intel on “What to Pack” for important trips, business adventures or vacations, “How to Pack,” “What Not to Pack”… it’s been A LOT.

Anyyyyyway: Holly packed her suitcase, full of Styles by Nolan, and she was totally ready to KICK ASS in Nashville at the recent Podcast Movement Convention. She needed to have her stylish self ready for long-ass presentations, photo ops, AND, a dance party with Quest Love as the DJ, y’all!

Because of all the stuff we told you in the LAST EPISODE, you should know by now that you can’t just pack everything in your closet for a trip. READ THE ROOM, People!

This week, Holly is so happy to report that

1.) She did not overpack

2.) Her carefully planned outfits worked out perfectly, so she was confident at each and every event and

3.) Her new YSL shoes ripped her feet a new one with raging blisters. BUT, she did look AMAZEBALLS in her Saint Laurents. #duh

Holly’s first adventure into Podcast Convention Adventureland was steeped in uncertainty and anticipation. But, her actual experience turned out to be the BEST DAY EVER DOT COM!

Holly tells us that met a SHIT TON of new besties. Podcast People are not basement trolls and are some of THE NICEST PEOPLE she has ever met. Being a podcaster is hard work, and so it was really great to compare notes and share sob stories with some of the best in the business.

The best part? Holly reports that her outfits were a smashing success. We know that you were super worried! She felt great, she felt like she looked great, and she got a lot of compliments because she felt confident in clothes that fit her well and reflected her personality. So there you go. So let's go over that, again: She felt great in what she was wearing, because why? Because the clothes that she had fit her really well and reflected her personality. Did you take notes yet? We’ve only said it 345 times now.

We learn about a TON of outrageous and fun new podcasts you need to follow – all run by fucking spectacular women. We also hear about Mark Cuban’s appearance at the conference, where he wore freaking dad jeans and an Under Armor t-shirt. NOT. OK.

Being a billionaire does not mean you can go out in your workout clothes. IMJUSSAYIN’

Join us as Holly explains which of her outfits worked best and why. And, that because her new effing shoes hurt her feet so much, she was not able to over-sweat and ruin her Alexander McQueen dress. Details, people! Details make the diff!!

And if you travel, you know what happens at airports: FASHION CRIMES!!! Holly cannot contain herself on this one, so be sure to check out social media this week to see the heinous crimes committed at the Nashville airport. We. Have. Photos.

In other news, we have so much coming up in the next few weeks, you really need to subscribe and start planning your days around our podcast. Holly will be hanging out with her BFF Jessica Kupferman, the CEO of SHE Podcasts. Jessica is hosting a Huge Ass Live Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in October, so Holly and Jessica will be broadcasting live as they get her ready for her appearances. They will be taking smack, talking podcasting, talking fashion and cleaning out Jessica’s closet in preparation of the October event.

And speaking of that, Holly takes some time out to say: ASK HOLLY! ASK NOLAN! What are your wardrobe dilemmas? What do you need help with? Did you see Fashion Crimes you need to report this week? We want to hear from you!

The Fashion Crimes Podcast is here to help you be the best you can be. Let us teach you how to be more confident, how to feel better and how to be better. And, hey! If you need a husband, Holly has news on that front, too. (OMG)

In This Episode:

[00:54] “So I really enjoyed it. I mean, in all honesty, now, I will tell you that I was warned that podcasters and podcast people in this particular industry can be referred to as like, basement trolls. I mean, as far as their wardrobes are concerned. But I beg to differ. It was really cool... people were super, super friendly, creating new relationships and networking. I mean, I had an amazing time. I mean, A-May-Zing.”


[1:05] “I felt great, I felt like I looked great, I got a lot of compliments, because I felt confident in the clothes that I had really fit me well and reflected my personality. So there you go. So let's go over that, again, I felt great, and what I was wearing, because why? Because the clothes that I had fit me really well and reflected my personality.”


[1:20] “I have a lot of new work coming up: all very different people, with the exact same problem: fashion and style is hard for them. It's too much work, and they don't know where to start. So they call me Yay! Really good on them! I mean, honestly, it takes a lot of guts to admit that you need help with something that you're not familiar with. And, then you reach out to the experts. In this case- that would be me!”


[1:35] “And for that convention, we're going to be broadcasting live and recording, because I'm going to her house next week. We are going to be taking pictures we're going to be doing videos, we're going to be cleaning out her closet. So stay tuned for that, because this is going to be an episode that you do not want to miss. Jessica is fun, funny and a hot mess all rolled up into one. But don't worry, Boo! The Holly Train is about to roll in on that one. It's going to be amazing. I'm going to be ripping her new one, pumping her up, building her up. Jessica has got great style. She just needs a little help. It's all good.”


[1:50] “I do want to say another reason why my outfits were so successful at the convention is because I did not overpack. I was not confused with a lot of choices because I already decided what I was going to wear each day and night. So I did not have a choice

to like screw that up. I had to go with what I packed. And the most major packing mistake that most people make is just packing too much.”


[2:10] “I mean, for example, my new besties, Erica and Jamila from the podcast “Good Moms, Bad Choices.” I am not afraid to admit I am totally in love with them. They have a cannabis and sexuality podcast where they talk about all things that they need to make them better moms, like sex and pot. I love them and I went to their breakout session. I mean, I literally stopped them in their tracks and talked to them about their clothes because they looked so great. And of course they're from LA. So, they were super fashionable. We hit it off immediately. Love Them!”


[2:40] “I'm going to conclude with the fashion crimes that I did indeed see, which I would like to report were not from the convention. But, they were people that I saw at the airport, the Nashville airport. And don't worry, I have pictures of all these people.”


[3:05] “My friend and I have always talked about fashion and fashion crimes. We always say look, if your house is on fire, what is your go-to? What is the outfit you're going to put on to run out of the house? Is it pajamas pants? No, it's not. I'm probably gonna throw on some jeans and a T shirt. And a bra maybe, it probably depends on how much the house is really on fire, grab some tennis shoes and run. I'm not going to grab my pajama pants.”


[4:05] “I mean, she worked hard on this and everything did go together. But it was just a little fucking wackadoodle for the Nashville TSA line. But that was just my only complaint about her. I couldn't decide if I loved her or if I hated her, but I just thought she was unusual. And I did appreciate her being eccentric. I did get that, but we could have worked that outfit out a little bit better. But you know, again, I noticed her and she was definitely podcast worthy.”


[6:00] “But you know, those are the fashion crimes that I did see. And you know, it was a little scary. I'm not going to lie, but I lived. I worked it out. I loved it and I always enjoy. My favorite thing to do is to sit in the airport and people watch because people are dressed so terribly or they look great, or they look completely normal and fine. But what I've always wanted to do since I started my styling business, I've always wanted to set up an airport booth, like one of those kiosks next to the information booth, and give out free fashion advice because, dammit, people need that, especially in the airport.”


[8:30] “Let's reconvene next week while I will be at the podcast in the Queens home of Miss Jessica Kupferman, going through her shit, throwing it away, keeping the best of the best, making her look like a frickin’ supermodel and I'm uncovering the beauty queen that she is, while really ripping her a new one, ‘cuz it's all right. We've all been there, and we're going go shopping. We're going to be throwing out her clothes, we'll be keeping her clothes, we'll be donating some of her stuff. It's going to be great.”


[9:45] “I'm doing good things in the world people. And I just wanted to leave by saying I want to know what you guys want to hear. Send me a message on my Instagram account, or you can put it on Fashion Crimes Podcast social, whichever you want. My personal styling account is Holly Katz Styling. Tell me what you want to hear. What do you want to hear? Do you want to hear more interviews from designers? Do you want to hear about local designers? Tell me where you live. I will look up local designers in your area so we can interview some people.”


[11:00] “I want to inspire you about fashion and style. Let me be your fashion Yoda. You know, I have been called the Dating Yoda, too. And I will say this, I have created a marriage. I create marriages. Did you know that? Did you know that through fashion and style, if you're single, you never know who you're going to meet, you might meet your husband. You don't know!”



Key Takeaways:


Planning and packing can take all the stress out of traveling and ensure you will look your best at any event.


Holly met her podcast people at the Podcast Movement conference in Nashville. She was dressed for success and tells you how you can be, too!

We are here to make you the most stylish you possible! Send us your wardrobe, style and fashion questions. We also want to see what sort of Fashion Crimes you encounter along the way. Share, Subscribe, Send Smoke Signals.


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Links Discussed: Podcast Movement: She Podcasts: Yves Saint Laurent:


“I will report to you that my outfits were a smashing success. I mean, I know that you were super worried. I felt great, I felt like I looked great, I got a lot of compliments, because I felt confident in the clothes that I had really fit me well and reflected my personality. So there you go. So let's go over that, again: I felt great in what I was wearing, because why? Because the clothes that I had fit me really well and reflected my personality.” – Holly


“I was going to wear something else that I've worn previously that week, but I decided not to. I decided that, “You know what? I'm going to be an adult. And I'm not going to spill shit all over my white dress.” So there you go. – Holly at the dance party with Quest Love wearing Alexander McQueen.