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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Oct 21, 2022

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that certain topics are not appropriate in polite society?  Well… beyond sex, religion, and money - are FASHION and POLITICS.

What? How can those two words even be in the same sentence? Are you nervous yet? 

This is a non-partisan issue, people. 

Regardless of your politics (not goin’ there), one thing you should know is that fashion matters in politics (as in everything) and our ROCK STAR guest this week is here to explain it all to you – IN THE MOST DELIGHTFUL WAY!

Meet Skye Ostreicher, otherwise known as The Political Personality. (Isn’t that the mother of all oxymorons?) 

Skye is the host of City & State’s online video series, Political Personalities with Skye, where she brings a fun flair to New York state and local government-related conversations. Her goal is to interview politicians to bring out their personalities, not their politics. 

Who knew? Politicians are people, too?

She also just happens to love fashion and has built her personal brand on her style choices (in a very male-dominated, opinionated world).

Skye’s passion is to interview elected officials who determine the future of our democracy in order to humanize the person, not their political positions. 

And, WHY, you say, would Holly bring THIS to the Fashion Crimes Podcast? (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!). Because just like fashion, people run from the things they are not comfortable with.  

“Fashion is your friend, not your enemy.”

Sound familiar? Well, Skye is here to tell us in this episode that politicians have hobbies, favorite foods, and families they love - just like you. 

So maybe, if you get to know those in leadership positions as humans, rather than political operators, you just might find that you CAN stomach learning about candidates, political issues, and the people who make the laws in this country – WITHOUT FEAR!

Your Hostess with the Mostess, Holly Katz, admits early on that keeping up with politicians is “not her thing.” 

Well, obvi! Who enjoys that, let alone is not scared to death of the entire political system in general?

Meet The Political Personality:
Skye was born and raised on Long Island where she earned a dual master’s degree from Stony Brook University in public health and public policy. 

She then went on to work in government affairs for eight years before being asked to spearhead the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign efforts for Long Island at the end of 2019. 

During COVID, which coincided with the end of Bloomberg’s presidential bid, unemployed and locked inside, Skye began an online video series on her Instagram profile, highlighting on-the-ground efforts by local elected officials. 

This series continued to grow into what it is today – after working with a few different media outlets, Skye has nearly 900 episodes total, all with the goal of highlighting the positive work of elected and appointed officials as they navigate the complexities of municipal and state government. 

She has a passion for connecting people and facilitating positive political relationships. And guess what? We are OBSESSED!!

This week, Holly and Skye trade similar stories about stereotypes (politicians must dress conservatively), the mixed signals fashion can give in a professional or political environment – and how fashion can actually be a friend in politics!

Gone are the days of Hillary’s pantsuit and office outfits. Like everything, what you wear gives signals of who you are as a person and can affect how people view and accept you. Especially in politics.

As politicians, if you dress too conservatively, are you out of touch and out of date? 

If you embrace fashion and style, are you spending your tax-supported salary irresponsibly?

It seems to us that they cannot win. 

However, Skye informs us that if you get to know the person – who happens to be a politician, chances are you might find a way to engage in politics without being overwhelmed. 

Humanize the human!

In this episode, Skye and Holly hash it all out:

  1. How did Skye go from being a pre-med student to being a lobbyist and finally a political reporter?
  2. Learn about Skye’s stand-out personal style and love for fashion – and as a woman – how she has been successful in building huge respect in the political world and her brand.
  3. What are the fashion and style mistakes she has seen people make in their professional arenas? 
  4. How, as a young, attractive woman – with a major flair for fashion - did she get past “her looks: to being respected for her skills? 
  5. Why fashion matters in politics and the positive impact it can have.
  6. How did Skye mix basketball and politics in the Bronx to bring people together? 
  7. How can people become part of the democratic process – without fear or fighting – by understanding politics through people, not platforms?

By the end – AS PER USUAL – Holly has adopted Skye as her new best fashion friend forever – and now they are planning a political fashion show during NYFW next September. The fashion gods have spoken – and these two shall meet. 

We loved meeting Skye! Learn more about The Political Personality and Skye’s work here:

City and State online media:

The Political Personality with Skye:





“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”

Hosted by Your Favorite Personal Stylist, Holly Katz