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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Aug 19, 2020

Join Holly and Nolan as they sit down with Fashion Stylist, lifestyle influencer, and international fashion writer, Soneca Guadara.

Soneca boards the #hotmessexpress to discuss her fashion do’s and don’ts, her favorite pieces in her wardrobe, and the most heinous fashion crimes she’s witnessed! She's bilingual, fluent in Spanish, a frequent contributor on Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast, and a total badass. 

IG: styledbysoneca

Some of the things she can't unsee.....#icantunseethat

Socks and slides

Bras: old, ill-fitting, nipplige or no bra

CPW: figure the cost per wear

Ugg boots - there's a time and a place

People who can't walk in heels (Holly included)

Platforms vs. heels

Listen now!