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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Sep 2, 2020

How lucky are we that one of NYC’s best-kept secrets, Makeup Artist Allyson Wisel dishes out the tea on make-up artistry! She has worked with the likes CBS and Fox Networks, published work in numerous publications, and remains a go-to for New York’s elite. Allyson discusses everything from her editorial work, her dos, and don'ts of beauty, and the products that she would bring on a deserted island. 

She educates us on the importance of skincare, sunscreen, and the most common make-up fashion crimes that she sees on the daily.  She's also one our our bestest besties! Topics below are all included!

IG: allysonwisel

FB: Allyson Wisel Vogt

  • Works on bringing the inner beauty out
  • You have to know how to get around hi-def TV
  • Doing make-up on any complexion and skin type
  • Putting makeup on men
  • Nude make-up/no make-up make-up
  • Choosing the colors for individuals
  • Neutrals/browns/purples/pinks
  • Basing it on your outfits but not overwhelming the clients
  • Foundation or no foundation?
  • Eye serum vs. face moisturizer
  • Vitamin c serum
  • Face oil
  • Exfoliation
  • Spending money on skin care vs. make-up
  • Using a gentle contour