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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Mar 1, 2024

Fashion Friends what is happening!?

It's your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, diving into the fabulous world of Encore Brides. 2nd time around? 3rd? No worries; we've got you covered. Fresh off the wedding weekend of my stepson, I'm here to bring you some bridal style inspo and wisdom for those walking down the aisle for an encore.

And, for the first time brides over 40, you're in luck. Read on. 

This Week's Highlights:


Wedding Wins: As the step monster of the groom, the happy couple reigned suprime and so did Holly's dresses, let's be honest. Thanks to some sneaky shoe inserts from Vivian Lou, she danced the night away in her Alexander McQueen dress and aquazzura shoes. #eveningshoewin

Comfort and style can coexist, ladies! (Alcohol helps too). Make sure you hit up your Pinterest board for the week with all of the encore bridal style inspo you need. 


Encore Brides 101: When planning to celebrate your love in front of friends and fam again,  Let's make it even better this time! Embrace the do-over and make this celebration scream 'you.' Whether it's ditching the traditional dress or going big on a second dress, it's all about what makes you feel fabulous.


Trend Talk: Non-traditional wedding dresses are all the rage, with the hashtag #nontraditionalweddingdress blowing UP on TikTok. We are all for making a statement that's authentically you, whether it's a splash of color or a chic suit. White NOT required this time around. 


Hot Tips for Shopping: Timing is everything. Which means, not shopping too early, which means NOT jumping the gun on buying that dress or those shoes you love 11 months in advance. A six to eight-month lead time is perfect for making sure you're absolutely in love with your choices.


For the Guests: A shoutout to Jane, our loyal listener, who wanted to ask Holly if she liked a particular dress for a wedding she was going to attend in October. Shopping too early is a fashion crime. Don't. Do. It. If you do, believe me, it will lose it's luster. Wait for the invite before splurging on that perfect dress.


Final Thoughts: Whether it's your wedding, or someone else's, remember, to use this opportunity to be the best-dressed wedding guest. Because that's what we are here at the Fashion Crimes Podcast. We are always the best dressed, especially at weddings. 


Fashion Crimes are out there BUT can be avoided. Here's to making every moment (and outfit) count. Can't wait to hear your stories of style triumphs and wedding bliss when you write to us and tell us all about it. or You might just get a shout-out! We love fan mail~


Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it fun, and keep tuning into the Fashion Crimes Podcast. where we are fashion over 40....waaaayyy over 40. The only Holly you need to know, signing off, but just for now. . Stay fabulous, Fashion Friends and let us hear from you! 

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