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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

Ready to create a new life after your divorce? It's time to get glam for your court date because, yes, divorce style is a thing! In this juicy episode chat all about the Wall Street Journal's article, Forget Wedding Dresses. Divorce Style Has Arrived, by Rory Satran, Fashion Director of the WSJ where we learn about Mary-Kate Olsen's picture that went viral during her divorce proceeding. Does anyone in Hollywood ever stay married? Apparently, what people are wearing to these proceedings is actually really important according to many who work in the court systems. Just know this, what you wear in the court room in person or on zoom matters more than you think.

Fashion plays many roles in a person's life and this is one where having your style put together could really help you! Anyone who is post-divorce, think of this as a new beginning for you to restore your most authentic self. Don't worry, we didn't forget all of you men out there as well! We touch on men's fashion post-divorce and why you buying new clothes whenever starting over in life is definitely a positive fresh start.

In This Episode:

  • [08:30] Divorce style is real! Even the Wall Street Journal says so. 
  • [12:15] Mary-Kate Olsen’s divorce style went viral recently. 
  • [15:25] After a divorce, it’s time to work on your revenge body and change your style.  
  • [21:00] The keyword is FREEDOM. Freedom after a divorce will breathe life back into you. 
  • [26:10] Let’s not forget about the men during the divorce. Post-divorce is a great way for men to learn about self-respect. 
  • [35:50] You HAVE to buy new clothes after a divorce (or any life change) – it’s mandatory! 

Key Takeaways:

  • After a divorce, seek help to start your glow-up because professionals know better when it comes to style. 
  • Changing your fashion style after a divorce can be a way to build confidence. 
  • Men need to dress well after a divorce. 
  • A new pair of shoes and a new pair of jeans really will go a long way to boost your confidence. 

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