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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Nov 4, 2022

We are so excited to welcome a new guest to our Designer Spotlight Series: Gretchen Maull of GG Maull designer handbags. This is NOT your average designer, nor just another handbag. 


Gretchen is an artist and a visionary, and we love having her on our podcast because she has built her business around empowering women and giving joy.


And #sorrynotsorry, but what else is there?


Designed in NY, and carefully handcrafted in Italy by cherished artisans — GG Maull is a handbag brand motivated by spreading JOY, building CONFIDENCE, and inspiring WOMEN.


But how Gretchen started her own handbag design company – and more importantly – why, is the real story. 


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PRO TIP: This episode requires some visual assistance, so we recommend watching it on YouTube or visiting Holly’s Pinterest. 


How it started:


Gretchen believes in only having things in her life that "spark joy." She nearly lost her sister to a horrific car accident and came face to face with life's fragility. 


She had been in a hospital waiting room for hours anxious and desperate to hear whether her sister would survive, when the doctor finally announced that she would make it through the night. 


Her now-husband gifted her with a beautiful pair of black and emerald earrings. At the moment, in the ICU waiting area, it was not something she was expecting, nor felt she could be present for. 


But he insisted, "If these bring you joy for two minutes, that's two minutes of joy you need right now."  (Host note to ladies: Marry THAT man!)


Why GG Maull was started:


Joy in the face of incredible adversity. That moment laid the groundwork for Gretchen’s drive to empower women and equip them to live their lives to the fullest. 


She looked around and saw many women in New York struggling to perform multiple roles and responsibilities: building a career, being a sensitive friend, achieving their health and fitness goals, dating eligible partners, having a rich social life, becoming an adult, leading a community, caring for others around them, becoming a solid partner, managing a household, raising a family, taking conscious care of themselves, and being socially responsible citizens.




In these pursuits, Gretchen found the women she came across being weighed down physically and emotionally. 


So, she was inspired to take her 10-year experience in handbag design under prestigious fashion labels to create her own brand characterized by functionality, aesthetics, and purpose.


How it’s going:


Fast forward five years, and GG Maull now delivers functionality through handbags that can be worn multiple ways, including hands-free, with removable pouches that make it easy to change between handbags, and with even weight distribution.


Gretchen’s objective in delivering these unique functionality features is to provide customers the feelings of lightness, freedom, strength and security. 


“She observed her husband “preparing” to leave the house with astonishment that all he needs to do is grab his cell phone and wallet.”  


In contrast, she felt compelled to have a bag that gave women the ability to contend with expectations for the day ahead. 


Women fill multiple roles during the day, from perhaps mother in the morning to executive by day to sexy dinner companion or concert-goer at night. 


And while these roles certainly bear their respective shares of responsibilities, women don’t have to feel anchored down anymore.  With Gretchen’s “multi-wear” approach, every woman can feel that as her role transitions, so can her handbag. Loving this journey for us!


Gretchen’s designs are different because they are versatile. But they also look different because of her passion for the types of leather she sources and her love for all aspects of design: color, texture, uniqueness.


If you wear Gretchen’s bags, you are considered one of her “Rebels,” because her customer does not live, breathe or dress like everyone else. 


A few of Holly’s favorite styles:


Power Belt Bag

Don’t call this a fanny pack, but it’s a fanny pack. In the most glorious way!  The Power Belt Bag can transition from a hands-free belt bag to fashionable tight cross-body to an evening clutch. #totallygettingthisone


Rebel Holster

Imagine the wild west of motherhood, when your hands are full, but you need your stuff handy at your side – well this ‘holster slips over your back and rests two small handbags at waist-level on your sides. You have to see it to believe it! (Hint, go to Holly’s Pinterest board!)


Power Tote:

To address the age-old challenge of switching between bags, the Power Tote was designed with a removable insertable pouch with magnetic snaps large enough to fit a laptop. It also has an outside cellphone pocket, so you don’t spend 20 minutes searching for it in the bottom of a deep bag. (PS, it’s also a killer diaper bag). #Finally #ThanksGretchen


Cocktail Clutch:

The Cocktail Clutch was designed with unique beaded fringe and Italian snake leather and was inspired by vintage cosmetic cases. It has a silver-plated ADJUSTABLE brass wristlet chain, so your hands are free for cocktails and crudité!


There are just too styles many to love!! As always, Holly has hand-picked her favorites and created an episode board on Pinterest!


Holly and Gretchen talk about so much more than just handbag love. This is truly an in-depth conversation about purpose, women supporting women, being a female entrepreneur - and the powerful impact of choosing to live life with joy as an end goal.  


We hope you will listen and come to love and appreciate Gretchen as much as we do! Follow her, support her, become a GG Maull Rebel!


Thank you for joining us again this week.


‘The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”


Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz!