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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Nov 27, 2020

It was the best week! On our way to Buffalo Exchange, we saw a vintage/second hand store that wasn’t on our speed dial.  Whhaatt??? We had to conquer immediately. Needless to say, we declared Second Street one of the greatest resale stores. (Locations in New York and Japan!) Racks so packed you can’t even move the hangers. In the designer section, Holly found a sheer MSGM top (who doesn’t love a shirt that’s completely sheer), and the most spectacular dress picked out practically blindfolded by our next BFD guest, Devin.   
After finishing Second Street we trek into Buffalo Exchange. With all of the designer pieces hanging on the wall, Nolan spotted a Sonia Rykiel leather and felt coat that he demanded Holly try on. Needless to say, she wore it out of the store. it was 95% off with the tags still on! Later, we got dinner at The Mark Hotel as Nolan’s favorite thing on the planet is to watch the old Russian women and other fabulous Upper East Side ladies walk into the hotel.  
Later in the week Holly decided to get her hair done. As she picks a color that is NOT approved, it turns out, of course, Nolan’s friend owns a salon, It was an amazing gals and gays day as Holly was down for a new fall hairstyle. Now the grey is gone, she has a new fall color and it looks delicious. Mani and hair trim for Nolan. Holly DOES miss her weave though; it’s #unbeweavable. It was something Nolan couldn't unsee.
Tune in as we talk about Lizzie Tisch’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop! It was spectacular and amazing customer service. Shout out to Lizzie Tisch and Gigi Burris Millinery!  This is a MUST see if you come the New York City! 
Time Stamp  

[ 1:20 ] About the best week ever  
[ 12:40 ] Holly’s brand new hairdo  
[ 17:45 ] We found the coolest popup  
[ 24:40 ] Nolan is heading to Maine  
The Mark Hotel 
Woodbury Common 
Spruce Up Your Wardrobe At Lizzie Tisch's Holiday Pop-Up Shop