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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Jan 8, 2021

The details behind our visit to About Time at The Met Museum is the dish for the week. IT IS THE fashion exhibit that you DON'T want to miss-it sells out as soon as the museum opens which um, unfortunately, we learned the hard way.  It explores the symbiotic relationship between fashion and time. As you step into the time warp of the first room you are schooled on the relationship between the evolution of style and how it relates to designs in today's market. The vibe is eerie yet chic, strange yet dark, understated yet educational. The pieces from designers such as Alaïa, Alexander McQueen and Donna Karan are important to understanding fashion and garment history.

On the shopping schedule; Holly got some crystal embellished monogrammed fingerless gloves; because; who doesn't need those? They keep your hands slightly warm but leave your fingers free to conduct business and taking pics on your phone which of course, is more important than actually keeping your hands from freezing.

If you go to the LES (Lower East Side), if you love or hate sweets; you HAVE to go to the Clinton St. Bakery for the pancakes. If you don't, we will just go eat there again and take pics to make you wish you did.

Tune in as we talk about how Nolan missed out on the perfect coat, the importance of a chic fragrance, and why we love the new iPhone.

Time Stamp 

  • [ 1:30 ] Nolan is back in NYC
  • [ 6:05 ] Holly finally found fingerless gloves
  • [ 7:55 ] The most fantastic pancakes you will ever have
  • [ 10:10 ] Our trip to UNIQLO
  • [ 14:25 ] Why all chic people have a fragrance
  • [ 17:05 ] The new iPhone has an amazing camera


About Time


Tom Ford Lipsticks