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Fashion Crimes Podcast

Oct 2, 2020

It’s our favorite time of the year, New York Fashion Week! Although we are extremely upset it is virtual. 

Nolan describes what it was like attending Rebecca Minkoff’s physical presentation during the pandemic. Minkoff was one of four designers doing physical presentations. It was safe & everyone was wearing a mask. 

 We go into an extremely honest review of some of the Vogue runway shows that we, unfortunately, were not there to see due to Covid-19. We review collections by Christian Callan, Tom Ford, Kim Shui, Sandy Lang, Collina Strada, Nicole Miller, Tomo Koizumi, and more.  

We spill the details about our favorite fashion week parties: the Bowery Hotel, Bergdorf's parties, great food, and meeting Anna Wintour. 

Time Stamp  

  • [ 3:22 ] Show vs presentation  
  • [ 4:30 ] Nolan’s experience attending Rebecca Minkoff’s presentation in 2020 
  • [ 7:56 ] We review Vogue runway shows 
  • [ 7:57 ] Christian Callan: Hair gel & spikes!  
  • [ 11:52 ] Tom Ford: Dizzying pattern mixing, models look like they are having fun
  • [14:08 ] Kim Shui: fashion crime!  
  • [16:30 ] What is happening in Collina Strada’s video?  
  • [ 20:40 ] Nicole Miller: Holly is impressed  
  • [ 23:30 ] Tomo Koizumi: ALL Tulle and NOT for the masses   
  • [ 32:41 ] Our favorite fashion week parties 



New York Fashion Week 

Rebecca Minkoff  

Kim Shui  

Collina Strada’s video  

Nicole Miller  

Tomo Koizumi